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Although the human brain performs many functions, it is a delicate organ that can be damaged by even a slight jolt or impact to the head. While some brain injuries are mild and can heal with no medical intervention, more severe head trauma can permanently alter a person’s life.

If you or your family member recently suffered a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence, it is essential that you meet with a knowledgeable attorney at the Gunn Law Group. Our Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyers understand the devastating impact of these types of conditions, and we are here to work tirelessly for the compensation you deserve.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can temporarily or permanently affect a person’s brain functioning. Brain injuries can be categorized as mild, moderate, or severe.


Mild brain injuries or concussions cause temporary changes in a person’s state of consciousness and mental status. With rest, most people can recover quickly from these types of injuries.


Moderate brain injuries can cause more prolonged periods of unconsciousness and altered mental states. Afflicted people may experience repeat episodes of confusion, cognitive difficulties, and memory lapses. Their family members might also notice peculiar behavior or personality changes.


Severe brain injuries can cause comas or extensive periods of unconsciousness. Survivors may face amnesia, confusion, difficulties with concentration, and changes in behavior, cognition, and communication. Sadly, even with quality medical care and therapy, some severe brain injuries never fully heal.

All TBIs are different, and each injured person has unique needs. While some brain injuries heal quickly, others may cause permanent, debilitating symptoms. An experienced Atlanta attorney can assess the current and future needs of a TBI victim and work to obtain compensation that relieves some of their burdens during the recovery process.

Common Causes of TBIs in Atlanta

There are many scenarios that can lead to head injuries. Some TBIs occur after blows, bumps, or jolts to the head, while others occur with no direct impact to the head. The skilled lawyers at our firm commonly handle brain injury claims stemming from the following situations:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slipping and falling
  • Sporting and recreation accidents
  • Workplace accidents, such as construction site falls from ladders or scaffolding
  • Intentional criminal acts, such as physical battery
  • Near drowning or asphyxiation, in which extended oxygen deprivation leads to brain damage
  • Surgical mistakes

Regardless of the exact cause of the traumatic head injury, a victim could face significant medical bills and an uncertain future. In these situations, it is crucial for the TBI victim or their family to reach out to legal counsel in the area. A well-practiced head injury lawyer knows how to locate, examine, and secure critical evidence after an accident. If an attorney determines that someone else is to blame for a brain injury, they could pursue a claim on behalf of the victim to hold the wrongdoer accountable and secure compensation.

Speak with an Atlanta TBI Attorney Today

If you or your family member are dealing with a brain injury, you should meet the legal team at the Gunn Law Group to discuss your legal options. Our Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyers have vast experience in these situations, and we understand the difficulties you and your family face. Let us guide you through the legal process and advise you at every step of the way. Call today to set up a consultation.