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Losing a loved one in a preventable and unexpected accident is a devastating experience. Unfortunately, in addition to bringing your family emotional pain, a sudden death can also cause significant financial struggles. From exorbitant medical costs to the possibility of needing to support a family on a lower household income due to an incapacitating injury or death, the anguish caused in these situations can be unbearable. Dealing with this anguish is only heightened when it’s caused by another individual’s lapse in judgment or misconduct.

Accidents and unexpected tragedies can strike unexpectedly and in the worst possible time for those closest to the victim. Emotions can run high during these tragedies, and while placing blame on the negligent individual or entity at fault for the circumstances you have found yourself in can be a start, it is crucial to ensure you are able to maintain your standing and situation in life. However, it can be incredibly difficult to do so if the medical expenses, lost wages, and other mounting costs stand in your way.

Although no amount of financial compensation and retribution can make up for the painful situation you’re experiencing, it can assist with unforeseen medical bills, funeral and burial costs, and the loss of future earnings, not to mention that it can provide you with the closure you’ve been seeking. Working with a compassionate attorney could help you recover this compensation. Speak with an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer today.

How do Wrongful Death Claims Work in Atlanta?

Wrongful deaths are deaths that should not have occurred if not for another party’s negligence. The at-fault parties could have prevented the fatal accident if they had acted reasonably. Wrongful death suits are civil claims that surviving family members bring against the people responsible for causing the death of their loved one.

If the family prevails in their lawsuit, the defendant must compensate the family for the loss of their loved one by paying them a certain amount of financial damages. Either the jury determines the specific damages award at a trial, or the family and the defendant agree to a settlement figure in pre-trial negotiations.

Civil vs. Criminal Claims for Wrongful Death

If the death arises from a criminal action, a decedent’s surviving family members could pursue a civil wrongful death claim even if Atlanta prosecutors decide to pursue a criminal case against the defendant for the same cause of action. The civil case would be separate and independent from any criminal charges. However, a skilled local attorney could use the existence of a criminal complaint as evidence in a civil claim.

Types of Fatal Accidents in Wrongful Death Suits

Any type of fatal accident or incident could give rise to a wrongful death claim. The experienced lawyers at our firm commonly handle the following types of fatal accidents in wrongful death claims.

Automobile Accidents

Surviving family members can pursue legal claims against at-fault drivers for reckless or negligent driving mistakes. If a defective automotive part caused the crash, the family could sue the vehicle’s manufacturers for producing inherently faulty cars. If a car crashed because of worn down brakes, tires, or other parts, a family could file suit against the mechanic who failed to adequately complete all necessary repairs.

Dangerous Products

Sometimes, inherently defective products can lead to a death. Wrongful death claims involving product liability claims are complicated, requiring help from a seasoned attorney at our Atlanta office.

Premises Liability Incidents

When a person loses their life because of a preventable accident at another person’s house or place of business, their surviving family could pursue a premises liability wrongful death claim. These claims often occur after slips and falls, swimming pool drownings, or other property accidents.


If a medical worker makes a mistake that leads to a death, a family could speak with an experienced attorney about proceeding with a malpractice claim.

Criminal Actions

If a violent crime leads to a death, a compassionate attorney could fight to hold the at-fault person legally liable in a civil wrongful death suit. The knowledgeable Atlanta attorneys at the Gunn Law Group have extensive experience helping families who have suddenly lost their loved ones due to a wide variety of causes.

How a Wrongful Death Attorney Could Help

As you recover and grieve, the last thing you want to do is manage a legal battle for such a sensitive situation. Instead, by choosing our dedicated and compassionate legal team, you can focus on the things that matter most—your family. As you enter such a complex and often emotionally charged legal situation, attempting to handle the matter independently is usually an unwise decision. From additional time spent or the potential to miss out on critical compensation needed by you and your family, the potential consequences of representing yourself are severe.

With the help of a seasoned and dedicated serious injury and wrongful death lawyer like what can be found at Gunn Law Group in Atlanta, GA, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost care and compassion. We understand that this is an incredibly challenging time for the clients who seek our services, so we pride ourselves on our ability in and out of the courtroom and our compassion and understanding.

Regardless of the situation, the first step in ensuring you and your family get the compensation you deserve is contacting a serious injury and wrongful death law firm in Atlanta. With knowledge of local guidelines and regulations, you can get the peace of mind that only comes with knowing a true professional is handling your case, leaving you time to focus on recovering with those you care about. However, it is critical to retain the services of an attorney with specific experience in wrongful death and serious injury since without it, it can be an unforgiving field with the potential for severe detriment.

Call an Atlanta Wrongful Death Attorney

You are not alone in this difficult time. A compassionate attorney could advise your family on pursuing legal action to hold the wrongdoer accountable. With guidance from an Atlanta wrongful death lawyer, you could obtain justice for your loss through a legal claim. Sudden deaths are traumatic for surviving family members, and although nothing can bring back your lost loved one, a lawsuit against the people responsible for causing the accident could help bring a sense of justice and financial security for you and your family.

For the pinnacle of compassionate and professional serious injury and wrongful death legal services in Atlanta, GA, the Gunn Law Group is ready and waiting to help. However, the first step in ensuring you and your family receive the compensation you deserve is contacting our office to schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we will examine the situation, discuss your goals for a favorable resolution, and develop a plan of action to proceed in your case. It is important to remember that time is of the essence in cases such as this, so contact our office as soon as possible to get the compensation you deserve.