Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers

Sudden accidents can have a long-term impact on your physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing. When people behave negligently, their actions can cause serious injuries that require significant medical care. After sustaining a severe injury, you may not know where to turn for the help and what resources you need to recover.
Fortunately, assistance is available from an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who can help you pursue financial damages in a legal claim. At the Gunn Law Group, our dedicated attorneys are passionate about fighting for the rights of injured victims. If you suffered harm because of someone else’s carelessness, reach out to our firm to hold the wrongdoer accountable.

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After sustaining a bad injury in an accident, you are likely feeling overwhelmed. In addition to dealing with physical pain, you may be facing burdensome medical bills and rehabilitative expenses. 

There are legal avenues for pursuing the compensation you need to move forward with your life. At the Gunn Law Group, an Atlanta personal injury lawyer could guide you through the process of bringing a claim for damages. Let our legal team work tirelessly to represent your best interests and seek justice on your behalf. Give us a call today. 

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Though the average person is unlikely to encounter any serious physical harm on an average day, it does happen. Whether it’s in the workplace, in a store, on the road, or just walking down the street, there are many people, places, and things that can cause sudden, serious physical harm to a person. These are known as “personal injuries.” There are thousands of personal injuries every year, whether they’re due to car accidents, faulty products, slippery staircases, or an errant grape on the floor of a grocery store.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Tameka ThomasTameka Thomas
23:39 04 Mar 22
After almost two years one of the “big” name law firms dropped my son’s case with open medical bills. Attorney Gunn picked up the case, and not only resolve the bills but close the case with more than my son expected. His attention to detail & passion for the client is respected and appreciated.
Liam RileyLiam Riley
19:38 18 Feb 22
Gunn Law Group is bar none the best personal injury law firm in Atlanta. I'm extremely satisfied with their services and grateful to have this professional group on my side. I would highly recommend Gunn Law Group to anyone I know looking for the most positive outcome of any situation! 5 stars.
Great law office. They are very communicative and always guide you through the next process. Dependable and trustworthy!
Blaque RosesBlaque Roses
19:04 04 Feb 22
I highly recommend Gunn Law Group! Mr. Gunn handle my case with care & he’s very professional! I will call him every time & I recommended him to my friends! Thanks again!
Khiry PetersonKhiry Peterson
00:14 20 Jan 22
This firm is staffed by attorneys that go above and beyond to make sure that their clients’ questions are answered in a timely manner. Not to mention, they got me a huge settlement (WAY more than what I expected, even after fees). The professionalism and empathy they had when dealing with me was simply unmatched.Don’t think twice, just call.

Investigating a Personal Injury Claim

Regardless of the details of the accident, it is important to contact legal counsel as soon as possible after suffering an injury. A skilled Atlanta lawyer can investigate the circumstances, review the facts, and gather evidence related to the victim’s injury.

This process may involve questioning eyewitnesses and following procedural protocols to gain access to medical, police, or phone records. A well-practiced injury attorney could also consult with accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, or industry specialists to determine precisely how the accident occurred. After determining the cause of the incident, a lawyer will work to identify if any person or company bears legal responsibility for the victim’s losses.

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