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Although the Food and Drug Administration regulates prescriptions and over-the-counter medications made available for public consumption, there are unfortunately many ways for defective and dangerous medical products to slip through regulatory cracks. As countless product recalls and past lawsuits have proven, not every medicine is as safe as it should be. All too often, it is regular people who end up suffering the financial, physical, and personal costs. If an unreasonably dangerous drug caused you physical harm that required professional medical attention, you should discuss your situation with a skilled injury attorney. By working with an Atlanta dangerous drugs lawyer at the Gunn Law Group, you can get the tireless support you need to protect your rights against pharmaceutical companies and corporations.

Liability for Harmful Medical Products

In many situations, dangerous drug claims fall under product liability law. This means there are certain situations in which a pharmaceutical company could bear strict liability for unreasonable harm their product causes when used as directed. Importantly, the fact that a medication had an unwanted or even actively harmful side effect does not always justify a lawsuit. A plaintiff and their Atlanta attorney must present evidence that the danger associated with the drug existed when the product left its manufacturer’s control, and that it was not appropriately disclosed to physicians or patients in advance.

What Makes a Drug Dangerous?

In some cases, a drug may be dangerous due to a side effect or contradiction that the manufacturer should have discovered through more rigorous testing prior to releasing it to market. In other situations, manufacturers know about potential hazards associated with their product but intentionally fail to disclose them, or even take intentional measures to obscure those risks. Proving the existence of an actionable defect in a medication and establishing a causal link to the plaintiff’s specific condition can require exhaustive research and extensive documentation. Assistance from a seasoned lawyer at our Atlanta office can be vital during the litigation process for a hazardous drug case.

Recoverable Damages in Atlanta Defective Drug Cases

A pharmaceutical company found legally liable for harm caused by one of their medications can be held financially accountable for every negative consequence that product has on a plaintiff, including:
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Long-term rehabilitative care costs
  • Lost wages and/or earning capacity
  • Physical and psychological suffering
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life
However, these companies often have vast financial resources for retaining their own legal teams and vigorously fighting litigation against them, which can make it difficult for a victim to achieve comprehensive recovery. Fortunately, our local defective drug attorneys could advise an injured victim on joining other plaintiffs with similar cases to pursue compensation through a mass tort claim.

Discuss Your Legal Options with an Atlanta Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Civil litigation for injuries from defective medications can be uniquely complex. Without support from an experienced legal representative, you may have a difficult time securing a fair amount of compensation for all your losses. Pharmaceutical companies are ready and willing to fight these claims and avoid liability for the harm they cause through defective medications. Let a hardworking Atlanta dangerous drugs lawyer handle your case while you focus on healing from your injuries. At the Gunn Law Group, our legal team can explain your options and help build a strong case for damages. We are prepared to stand up for your rights, so call us today to get started.