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Any accident caused by reckless or careless actions could have dire repercussions those involved. However, those that result in severe spine or head trauma have the potential to cause life-altering and irreversible harm. Paralyzing accidents can impact every aspect of a victim’s life, resulting in catastrophic losses.

Fortunately, help is available from a compassionate and capable Atlanta paralysis injury lawyer. If you suffered devastating harm of this nature due to someone else’s negligence, working with a skilled attorney at the Gunn Law Group could be vital to effectively protect your long-term prospects.

How Negligent Behavior Could Cause Paralysis

Paralyzing injuries can happen in numerous contexts and stem from various kinds of reckless or careless behavior. While these injuries are especially common in traumatic accidents like high-speed motor vehicle collisions, they can also occur due to misconduct by a medical professional, negligent property upkeep by a landowner, or even a lack of care from the manufacturer or seller of a defective consumer product.

Types of Paralyzing Injuries

The specific type of negligence that caused a paralyzing injury has less of an impact on the outcome of an ensuing civil claim than the severity of the injury itself.


Quadriplegia—total paralysis in the entire body below the neck, often due to cervical spinal cord injuries—will often leave an injured person unable to work or enjoy personal pursuits for the remainder of their life. These types of injuries could necessitate substantial financial recovery.


Paraplegia of the lower limbs and torso due to thoracic or lumbar spinal cord trauma is less severe by comparison. However, these injuries still generally result in lasting losses of earning capacity and enjoyment of life in addition to extensive medical expenses and other out-of-pocket costs.

Hemiplegia and Monoplegia

Other forms of paralysis more commonly stem from traumatic brain or nerve damage. For instance, hemiplegia affects just one side of the body, whereas monoplegia affects a single arm or leg.

An Atlanta attorney could help seek fair compensation for all effects of any form of paralysis through a comprehensive settlement demand or lawsuit.

Possible Obstacles in Atlanta Paralysis Claims

Importantly, there are several laws and rules pertaining to personal injury litigation that a paralyzed victim and their attorney must follow to effectively pursue compensation. This includes the modified comparative fault system followed by state courts.

If a person paralyzed in an accident is found partly responsible for causing or worsening their injuries, they may be subject to a proportional reduction of their damage award in accordance with Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33. If they are primarily responsible for the accident, they could be completely barred from recovery under O.C.G.A. §51-11-7.

Furthermore, O.C.G.A. §9-3-33 grants most prospective plaintiffs a maximum two-year window after sustaining injury to begin the civil litigation process, even if their injury will result in lifelong harm. Assistance from a knowledgeable local attorney is crucial to successfully navigate these procedural roadblocks in a paralysis accident claim.

Consult an Atlanta Paralysis Injury Attorney for Dedicated Guidance

If someone else’s negligence led to a paralyzing injury for you or a loved one, you deserve compensation for your losses. However, these types of cases are often difficult without guidance from an experienced legal professional.

At the Gunn Law Group, an Atlanta paralysis injury can advise you on recovering comprehensive compensation through a lawsuit or settlement demand. Our compassionate attorneys are here to provide dedicated support from beginning to end of your legal proceedings, giving you a better chance of securing a positive case result. Call today to get started.