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Countless injurious accidents happen in Macon every day. Many of these could have been prevented altogether if not for the irresponsible actions of others. If you are injured due to someone else’s misconduct, you likely have a legal right to demand financial restitution from them. However, obtaining fair recovery after a car crash, trip and fall, or other type of accident can be much more complicated than it may seem.

Fortunately, assistance is available from a Macon personal injury lawyer with experience handling various types of claims. No matter the circumstances of your accident, a dedicated attorney at the Gunn Law Group could provide tenacious advocacy and tactical support every step of the way through the legal proceedings.

Possible Grounds for a Personal Injury Claim

While certain scenarios may allow an injured person to hold someone else strictly liable for injury-related losses, most successful personal injury cases in Macon center around “negligence.” This is the legal theory which allows someone to be held financially liable for harm they cause.

There are four components to legal negligence that must all be present for a civil claim to proceed: a duty owed by one or more named defendants to act a certain way around the injured plaintiff, a subsequent breach of said duty through careless or reckless conduct, direct causation through that breach of an accident resulting in physical injury, and the existence of specific compensable losses from that injury. A knowledgeable lawyer at our Macon office could further explain the concept of negligence in personal injury claims.

Common Types of Accidents in Macon

Various circumstances may give rise to a civil claim based around negligence, such as:

  • Auto accidents, including those involving commercial trucks, motorcycles, or buses
  • Collisions between motor vehicles and bicyclists or pedestrians
  • Boat collisions and other accidents on the water
  • Slipping or tripping accidents, as well as other injuries caused by unsafe property conditions
  • Negligence by medical professionals
  • Injuries caused by defective consumer products, including dangerous medications
  • Misconduct inside nursing homes

Furthermore, if negligent behavior directly leads to someone’s premature death, a local personal injury attorney could help surviving family members pursue compensation in the decedent’s name.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

Rather than defining the value of civil claims based on the nature of a defendant’s negligence, state law allows injured individuals to pursue compensation based on the specific forms of harm they experience as a direct consequence of negligence. Accordingly, the value of a claim can fluctuate substantially from case to case, depending on what injuries a person sustained and the degree to which those injuries will negatively affect their life.

Broadly speaking, plaintiff may recover for economic damages like property damage and medical expenses as well as non-economic forms of “pain and suffering.” A seasoned lawyer could clarify during a private consultation what losses might be compensable in a particular Macon personal injury case.

Call a Macon Personal Injury Attorney for Guidance

Personal injury law can be challenging to understand and even harder to navigate, especially while dealing with the physical, financial, and personal costs of a traumatic accident. In this kind of situation, retaining capable legal counsel is crucial to obtain the resources an injured person needs to move forward with their life.

A Macon personal injury lawyer could discuss your rights and options during a confidential initial meeting. Schedule yours by calling the Gunn Law Group today.