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Paralysis is one of the most devastating results of a severe accident and can severely impact your life. After suffering a loss of mobility or function, you and your family will need to worry about things you never had to consider before the accident. Many of these injuries are permanently disabling.

If you suffered paralyzing injuries because of another person’s negligence, you could pursue compensation with help from a diligent attorney. For assistance with your claim, contact a Macon paralysis injury lawyer at the Gunn Law Group and schedule a consultation.

What is Paralysis?

A paralyzing injury causes a person to lose partial or complete muscle function in one or more areas of the body. Spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries commonly cause paralysis. The spinal cord is a vulnerable and delicate bundle of nerves that carries signals from the brain to many body parts. As such, any damage to the spine can cause a person to lose feeling or function in various areas.

Types of Paralyzing Accidents in Macon

Any accident leading to severe injuries could cause the person to suffer from paralysis. However, some accidents more commonly lead to various types of paralysis than others.

A knowledgeable paralysis lawsuit lawyer in the area could answer questions on paralysis and how to recover damages in a negligence claim. Accidents that more commonly lead to paralysis include:

Vehicle Crashes

A vehicular collision that causes a severe jolt to a person’s body could lead to spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents are the most common causes of paralyzing injuries.

Trip and Fall Accidents

All trip and fall accidents can cause severe injuries and paralysis. Older adults are the most vulnerable to this type of accident, but serious falls can happen to anyone.

Acts of Violence

Assaults, attacks, or gunshot wounds also commonly lead to spinal cord injuries and paralysis. If the victim suffers a blow to the back, it could cause spinal cord damage and paralysis.

Proving Negligence in Paralysis Cases

To establish liability, a paralysis victim and their attorney must show the following four elements:

  • Legal duty of care
  • Breach of duty of care
  • Causation
  • Verifiable damages

Civil law requires that everyone avoid causing harm to others. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 51-1-2, the petitioner must show the defendant failed to provide the legal duty of care to prevent causing harm to others. This means that the defendant did not act in a way that any other ordinary person would in the same situation. A paralysis injury lawyer must also show that the defendant’s breach of duty caused the victim’s injuries and provide proof of the damages. A seasoned Macon attorney could help build a solid claim and prove liability for a paralyzing accident.

Recovery of Damages in Paralysis Claims

After successfully proving liability in a civil claim, the court will award damages within two major categories. Economic or special damages will cover the victim’s out-of-pocket expenses, including medical costs and lost wages from missing time at work. Non-economic or general damages cover subjective losses, including physical pain and suffering and emotional pain and anguish.

Contact a Macon Paralysis Attorney Today

An accident leading to paralysis can significantly impair your ability to work, perform daily activities, and participate in your favorite activities. When another person’s careless or reckless actions cause injuries, they should pay for the damages.

At the Gunn Law Group, a Macon paralysis injury lawyer could help you navigate the complex civil claim process and recover the compensation you need for your losses. Call today to schedule a time to meet with our dedicated legal team.