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Dozens of private and public buses travel through and around Macon every day. Unfortunately, not every bus operator drives with the care and consideration their passengers deserve. Sometimes, their negligence has huge and life-altering repercussions for the bus passengers and other drivers and pedestrians nearby.

Bus accidents can make for complex civil litigation, which is why working with a knowledgeable attorney is vital. By retaining a Macon bus accident lawyer, you are better equipped to protect your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve for your losses.

Recoverable Damages After a Bus Crash

A bus accident stemming directly from someone else’s misconduct can be grounds for substantial financial recovery. Defendants in a claim could include an individual bus driver, negligent bus operating company, third-party mechanic or supplier, or any combination of negligent parties. An injured victim and their attorney could demand full restitution for every economic and non-economic loss they sustain because of the bus accident, including:

  • Emergency medical bills and future care costs
  • Personal property damage, including vehicle repair/replacement costs
  • Lost work income and/or working capacity
  • Psychological trauma
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost quality of life

The exact value of a particular bus accident claim can vary substantially based on what injuries a specific person suffered and how those injuries negatively impacted their life. A Macon bus accident attorney could provide further clarification during an initial meeting about what damages might be compensable in a particular case.

Filing Suit Over a Public Bus Accident in Macon

Pursuing civil compensation after a commercial bus accident is similar to any lawsuit against an individual or company whose negligence causes a traffic accident. However, things work a little differently if the at-fault party in this type of claim is a government entity like the Macon-Bibb County Transit Authority. Most notably, there are unique filing requirements for public bus accident claims. This includes contacting the appropriate municipality directly and seeking approval of a claim from government authorities.

Additionally, the effective deadlines for starting a claim are usually much shorter than the two-year statutory filing deadline set by the Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33. Prospective plaintiffs generally must provide notice of their intent to sue within six to 12 months of their accident. A seasoned bus crash lawyer in the area could further explain the procedural rules and help victims file their claims within the applicable time frames.

Contact a Macon Bus Accident Attorney for Help

If you or a loved one were recently injured in a transportation accident, you might be wondering about your legal rights to seek compensation. These cases can be uniquely challenging to pursue in court, especially if you are dealing with severe injuries.

Fortunately, assistance is available from a tenacious legal professional with the expertise and experience necessary to help you proactively protect your rights. At the Gunn Law Group, a Macon bus accident lawyer could discuss litigation options and possible next steps in detail during a confidential consultation. Call our firm today to schedule a meeting and get the dedicated legal help you deserve.