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Medication can cure sudden injuries and help people manage chronic illnesses. However, medicine can also harm patients. Taking the wrong drugs can make a person sicker or even kill them.

If you suspect that a dangerous or defective drug hurt you or your loved one, contact an experienced attorney to discuss your legal options. A Macon dangerous drugs lawyer has extensive experience helping the victims of defective medications. The team at the Gunn Law Group understands how these claims work and could work to recover compensation from the people responsible for harming you.

Responsibilities of Drug Manufacturers

Many medications have some adverse side effects. Even relatively safe over-the-counter drugs that have been available to consumers for years can cause ill effects in some people. The federal government recognizes that not all medication can be safe for everybody. However, the benefits of new drugs should outweigh any possible adverse effects.

Drug manufacturers must perform adequate testing on all proposed new medications before releasing them to the public. If they observe any side effects or counterindications with other drugs, pharmaceutical companies must disclose them to potential consumers. When drug companies become aware of a negative side effect, they must include clear and prominent warnings of possible risks on a drug’s packaging.

Possible Side Effects of Dangerous Drugs

Some of the most severe conditions that people suffer because of dangerous medications include:

  • Heart problems
  • Strokes
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Cancer
  • Blood clots
  • Birth defects (when pregnant mothers take certain medicines during their pregnancies, they can pass on adverse health effects to their babies)

In addition to causing physical problems, dangerous medication can also cause emotional and psychological issues. Some medicines can cause depression and suicidal thoughts.

Sadly, dangerous medications can sometimes have fatal consequences. In the unfortunate event of a death caused by a drug, a compassionate attorney in Macon could help the deceased person’s family pursue justice in a wrongful death claim.

Potential Defendants in a Defective Medication Claim

If a patient suffers an adverse effect after taking a drug, an experienced lawyer could help determine who may be held liable.

Drug Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical companies must follow the FDA’s testing procedure and produce drugs that are as safe as possible for their intended use. They must use their best efforts to eliminate or lessen the proposed drug’s harmful side effects. Unfortunately, sometimes drug companies try to speed up the approval process by taking shortcuts, which can lead to the production of inherently dangerous medicines.

Prescribing Physicians and Medical Staff

Before a doctor prescribes a drug to their patient, they should check to see if they are taking other medicines that could potentially counteract the proposed new medication. Doctors should also review their patient’s medical history to see if they are allergic to any drugs or classes of drugs.

Doctors and other healthcare workers also need to ensure that they give the precise dosage of the correct medication to their patients at the right time.


When fulfilling a prescription order, pharmacists need to be thorough and precise. They need to check for counterreactions with other medicines.

At the Gunn Law Group, our skilled local attorneys know how to investigate defective drug claims to determine who bears potential civil liability.

Call a Macon Dangerous Drugs Attorney for Assistance

Drug errors can have life-changing and even fatal consequences. You should seek legal assistance if you believe that a medical mistake harmed you or your loved one.

Winning legal claims against large pharmaceutical companies is not easy, but a Macon dangerous drugs lawyer is ready to fight for your rights. The attorneys at our firm are not afraid to stand up to these large drug companies and protect your best interests. Let us help you through this difficult time. Call today to discuss your options.