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Any time a product manufacturer puts something on the market that is fundamentally unsafe, they may be civilly liable for harm consumers suffer as a result. This is true even if they recall the product once its defects become widely known. However, just because you have the right to demand compensation from a negligent manufacturer does not mean doing so is easy, especially if you try to pursue your claim alone.

A qualified Macon defective products lawyer could be a crucial ally from beginning to end of your case. By retaining and working with a dedicated personal injury attorney, you could boost your chances of a beneficial case outcome and more proactively pursue the restitution you deserve.

How Does Defective Product Litigation Work?

Under Georgia state law, manufacturers and sellers of consumer goods may be held strictly liable for injuries caused by unreasonably dangerous defects in their product(s). More specifically, all the following conditions must be true for a defective products claim based on strict liability:

  • The product in question must have been defective in design, manufacturing, or marketing.
  • The defect(s) in question must have existed when the product left the direct control of its manufacturer, and the product’s condition must not have changed significantly between that point and when the plaintiff came into possession of it.
  • The plaintiff must have sustained physical injury directly because of the defect(s).
  • The plaintiff must have been using the product for its manufacturer-intended purpose when they were injured.

Types of Defects in Product Liability Cases

Design defects are problems with a product’s basic conceptualization that make every incarnation of the product dangerous. Manufacturing defects are errors during a product’s assembly that make a particular unit or batch dangerous. Marketing defects are a little more complicated, as they may entail either the manufacturer failing to provide necessary instructions on how to use the product safely or appropriate warnings about risks associated with reasonably foreseeable use. A Macon product liability attorney could further clarify whether a particular situation might warrant litigation of this nature.

Deadlines for Product Liability Claims in Macon

As with any personal injury claim, a two-year statutory filing deadline applies to all defective product cases in Georgia. This generally begins on the date the plaintiff was first injured by a dangerous defect. However, there is another deadline applicable to this type of case set by something called the statute of repose.

According to the Official Code of Georgia §51-1-11, no defective product claim may proceed more than ten years after the product was initially sold to the prospective plaintiff, regardless of how long it has been since they were hurt. As a defective products lawyer at our firm could explain, there are some exceptions. For instance, the deadline may not apply if a manufacturer injures someone through “willful, reckless, or wanton disregard for life or property.”

Get in Touch with a Macon Defective Products Attorney Today

If you were hurt because a product you bought was not designed, manufactured, or marketed in a reasonably safe way, you might have grounds for civil litigation. However, pursuing this kind of claim effectively and efficiently can be challenging without guidance from a seasoned legal professional.

A capable Macon defective products lawyer could provide the custom-tailored support you need to secure a positive resolution to your claim. Call the Gunn Law Group today to learn more.