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A spinal cord injury can have far-reaching effects and dramatically decrease your quality of life. These severe injuries often result from car accidents and slip and falls but can occur in almost any scenario.

Any accident that causes you to sustain a sudden blow or jolt could lead to a spinal cord injury. If someone else’s negligence caused the accident, you should consult a dedicated attorney on your legal options for recovering compensation. Call an experienced Macon spinal cord injury lawyer at the Gunn Law Group for more information.

The Primary Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

There are many forms of spinal cord injuries, which can be categorized as complete or incomplete.


A complete spinal cord injury will cause total loss of feeling and movement or paralysis below the point of the damage. The injured individual may lose the ability to move all or some of their limbs.


If the injury leaves the individual with some feeling or ability to control motor function, they suffer from an incomplete spinal cord injury. They may experience weakness or muscle sensation impairment below the damage to the spinal cord. A knowledgeable Macon attorney who handles spinal injury claims could further explain these classifications.

Damage Recovery in Spinal Cord Injury Claims

Spinal cord injuries are typically considered catastrophic. The court may award compensation to cover:

  • Missed time from work during recovery
  • Loss of future earning potential if they cannot return to the same job or position
  • Past, current, and future medical bills
  • Cost of ongoing care related to the spinal cord injury
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of companionship

Spinal cord injuries commonly leave the individual with significant loss of mobility and long-term medical issues. They may require lifelong medical care and treatment for the secondary illnesses related to these injuries.

Establishing Negligence in Macon Spinal Injury Lawsuits

After an accident resulting in spinal injury, a local attorney could conduct a full investigation to determine the negligent parties. The team at the Gunn Law Group could work to build a strong claim establishing the four elements of negligence.

The civil suit must show that the defendant owed the plaintiff a legal duty of care and breached that duty, leading to the accident and damages. There must also be verifiable evidence that the plaintiff’s damages stemmed from the defendant’s careless or reckless actions.

Reduction and Apportionment of Award

In some negligence claims, the court may find that more than one party is liable for the damages. The law instructs the jury to consider all parties and determine their percentage of fault, regardless of whether they are defendants in the civil suit.

If the court finds that other third parties share liability for the accident, the defendant will not have to pay for their percentage of the award amount. The petitioner must file a civil action against the liable third parties to collect that portion of compensation. A skilled attorney at our Macon office could assist spinal injury victims with filing these claims.

Meet with a Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Macon

A spinal cord injury can upend your entire life. These injuries often cause physical, mental, and financial burdens, leaving you feeling helpless and unsure about the future.

A claim for damages could ensure you receive the quality medical care you need for recovery and help you get back on your feet. For more information on your legal options, contact a hardworking Macon spinal cord injury lawyer to schedule a consultation.