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No other kind of accident causes a greater number of injuries each year in Georgia than automobile collisions, and many of the resultant injuries are debilitating in ways that have life-altering consequences. Unfortunately, even if you know someone else was entirely to blame for causing your wreck, proving them legally at fault and making them pay for your damages can be extraordinarily challenging—especially on your own.

Assistance from a Gwinnett County car accident lawyer could tremendously boost your odds of securing a favorable result from your settlement demand or civil lawsuit. From establishing negligence by one or more people involved in your crash to ensuring your claim covers every form of harm caused by the accident, a diligent personal injury attorney’s support could be vital at every stage of your legal proceedings.

Possible Grounds for a Car Crash Claim

Every licensed driver in Georgia has a responsibility under the law—or, to use legal terminology, a “duty of care”—to follow traffic laws, be aware of their surroundings, and in general act reasonably behind the wheel. Anyone who violates this duty in any way that directly leads to a preventable accident has demonstrated “negligence,” and proving negligence is the legal foundation of almost every successful personal injury claim.

In some situations, establishing that another driver involved in a wreck was negligent is as simple as referencing a police report showing that they breached a traffic law immediately prior to the accident and showing that their misconduct was the cause of the wreck. Other times, someone may be considered negligent and therefore at fault for a crash based on simple carelessness—for instance, not checking their mirrors before changing lanes, or failing to look for pedestrians before turning at an intersection.

Furthermore, anyone who engages in overt criminal behavior like drunk driving or texting behind the wheel may be held liable for an ensuing accident based on their intentional and unlawful breach of duty. A Gwinnett County auto accident attorney could help determine exactly how a particular crash occurred and who might be legally to blame for it.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

Car crashes can be traumatic even if they result in nothing more than minor property damage. But at higher speeds or under less favorable circumstances, wrecks can cause injuries with devastating and sometimes even permanent repercussions, making it necessary to recover for various long- and short-term forms of harm through a civil claim.

Depending on the circumstances, a comprehensive settlement or civil verdict may include restitution for losses like:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • All auto repair/replacement costs not covered by insurance
  • Lost work income and/or working capacity
  • Psychological and emotional trauma
  • Physical pain from injuries
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost enjoyment of life

A car accident lawyer in Gwinnett County could discuss possibly recoverable damages in detail during an initial consultation.

Speak with a Gwinnett County Car Accident Attorney Today

Traffic accidents are especially common and often uniquely complex grounds for personal injury litigation. Pursuing a claim based on an incident like this without a seasoned legal professional’s help could lead to you getting no compensation whatsoever for your damages, let alone all that you deserve.

If a negligent driver caused you any kind of injury recently, contacting a Gwinnett County car accident lawyer to discuss legal options should be a priority. Schedule a meeting by calling the Gunn Law Group today.