I Was A Passenger In A Car Where The Drive Caused The Accident And Was Injured In A Crash. Can I File A Lawsuit? (Do I Have A Case)

If you were a passenger in a vehicle where the driver was at fault, you have the same legal remedies as if the person was driving another vehicle. The at-fault driver will be liable to anybody who was hurt, and you can driver’s at-fault insurance. Understandably, this may not be the easiest thing is the person who caused the accident was someone close to you, but if you are badly injured, filing a claim with their insurance will be necessary.

If you are injured in another person’s vehicle, you may also be able to use your own insurance (uninsured motorist coverage) to cover your injuries. Uninsured motorist coverage follows you no matter who’s vehicle you are in and it is another reason why it is extremely important to not only have uninsured motorist coverage but to have enough of it.

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