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Buses are a vital means of transportation for many people in Kennesaw and throughout the state of Georgia. While traveling by bus is statistically much safer than driving or riding in a personal motor vehicle, accidents involving these “common carriers” still occur every so often—and when they do, multiple people may end up seriously hurt as a result.

If you were recently injured in a motor vehicle collision or accident of any type involving a commercial or public bus, speaking with a Kennesaw bus accident lawyer about possible options for litigation should be a priority. Once retained, your seasoned personal injury attorney could tenaciously enforce your rights and pursue fair restitution for your compensable damages.

Possible Grounds for Bus Accident Claims

As with any other vehicle involved in a traffic accident, a bus that collides with a commuter car, a stationary object, or even another bus can cause substantial physical trauma both to its own occupants and bystanders. If a wreck happens because a bus driver violated a traffic law, carelessly lost their concentration, or was otherwise irresponsible behind the wheel, any passenger injured as a result could potentially file suit against the driver or their employer for their ensuing losses.

Importantly, though, crashes are not the only way a negligent bus driver could severely harm a passenger or passer-by. For example, if a bus driver strikes a pedestrian crossing the street, or if they cause a boarding passenger to fall and get hurt because they accelerated too quickly away from a stop, they could be liable for that person’s injuries just as they would be after a collision with another car. An experienced Kennesaw bus accident attorney could further detail what circumstances justify litigation against a bus driver, operating entity, or affiliated third party.

Unique Time Limits for Certain Claims

When a commercial bus driver or company is negligent in some way that directly leads to another person being injured, the basic rules applicable to any ensuing civil claim would be the same as those applicable to any other personal injury claim. Most notably, Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33 would establish the same two-year statutory filing period for litigation, beginning from the moment the prospective plaintiff initially sustained harm.

However, as a bus wreck lawyer in Kennesaw could affirm, different rules apply to claims against municipal authorities that operate public transit, such as MARTA. In such a case, anyone who wants to sue the City of Atlanta for a bus crash would need to fill out and submit a specific form no later than six months after the accident, and both the mayor and the city council must approve the claim before the injured party can receive any compensation.

Consider Working with a Kennesaw Bus Accident Attorney

For numerous reasons, seeking fair financial recovery after an accident involving a bus can be much more challenging than for other motor vehicle wrecks. This is especially true if you try to move forward with your claim without first seeking help from experienced legal representation.

A capable Kennesaw bus accident lawyer at the Gunn Law Group could be the ally you need to achieve the positive case result you want. Call today for a consultation.