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All motor vehicle accidents can cause serious injuries. However, crashes involving trucks frequently have life-changing consequences. Due to their immense size and weight, truck accidents almost always result in painful and severe physical damage. These injuries can profoundly impact your ability to work and enjoy life. After a trucking crash, you might also experience crippling anxiety or be burdened by nightmares and depression. 

If you were involved in a trucking crash caused by someone else, work with a dedicated attorney to demand compensation for your losses. At the Gunn Law Group, a Kennesaw truck accident lawyer could work hard to get you the money you need.

Reasons for Trucking Crashes in Kennesaw

Many different factors can play a role in trucking wrecks. A dedicated attorney in the area could investigate a truck crash to determine the cause. 

Truck Driver Fatigue

Driving a truck is not an easy job, physically or mentally. Truckers often drive alone for long hours on monotonous roads, which can cause them to become tired. Overtired drivers could veer from their lane or overlook a hazardous situation. The federal government has set specific limits on the number of hours that truckers can operate their vehicles. However, even with those limitations, drivers can succumb to fatigue. Additionally, sometimes truckers feel pressure to exceed those federally mandated driving time limits to meet their strict delivery deadlines. 

Truck Driver Inexperience

Driving a large trucking vehicle is different from driving a small car. Trucks take longer to stop, require wider turning radiuses, and have more blind spots. Truck drivers need to be aware of these differences. Trucking companies need to train their employees before allowing them to handle these large commercial vehicles. 

Distracted Driving

Like all motorists, truckers sometimes fall prey to distracted driving. Because they are often alone, they might be more tempted to reach for their phones to text or make calls. Also, because truckers often drive on unfamiliar roads, they need to rely on GPS navigation to help them find their routes, which could force them to look away from the road. 

Truck Malfunctions

Commercial vehicles need to receive regular inspections and maintenance to prevent problems. The manufacturer could be liable for an ensuing wreck if a truck part malfunctions. 

Loading Problems

A truck’s operators must ensure that they properly balance and secure all freight and cargo to prevent items from falling out or causing the vehicle to become unbalanced. 

A dedicated attorney could investigate the truck accident to see why it happened and who bears potential civil liability for the resulting losses.

Potential Defendants in a Trucking Wreck Claim

More than one party is often legally at fault in a trucking collision. 

Individual Truck Driver

If a truck driver is negligent, an attorney could pursue a claim against the individual driver. However,  the individual truck driver might not carry sufficient insurance to cover an accident’s losses. 

Trucking Company

A lawyer in Kennesaw might also be able to pursue damages against the trucker’s employer. Georgia law recognizes that employers can be vicariously liable for their employee’s negligent actions. The trucking company might also be legally responsible for failing to adequately train its drivers or hiring truckers with bad driving records. If a worn-down part led to the crash, the trucking company could be responsible for failing to maintain the truck.

Loading Company

If a separate company is responsible for putting the cargo on the truck, that company could be liable for a crash caused by improperly loaded items.  

Maintenance Company

An injured victim and their lawyer could sue the company in charge of maintaining and servicing the truck if a faulty repair led to the crash. 

Third-Party Driver

A Kennesaw truck crash attorney could also pursue a claim against a negligent or reckless third-party driver if they did something to contribute to the accident.  

At the Gunn Law Group, our skilled attorneys could research all possible avenues of compensation after a trucking accident in Kennesaw.

Let a Kennesaw Truck Accident Attorney Assist You

Trucking collisions can cause severe damage, and the process of recovering compensation is not always straightforward. These cases usually involve trucking companies and multiple defendants. 

Due to the legal complexities involved in these cases, it is best to work with an experienced Kennesaw truck accident lawyer. The team at our firm is dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured victims. Reach out to us today to set up a consultation.