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Any accident that causes someone to suffer a severe injury can be a life-altering experience. If you are dealing with disfigurement or disability caused by another person’s misconduct, you may feel overwhelmed, angry, or unsure what to do. You are likely dealing with many financial burdens and worrying about the long-term impact of this incident.

In situations like this, it is essential to seek support from an experienced attorney. At the Gunn Law Group, our team is prepared to fight for your best interests and help you get the necessary resources to move forward with your life. No matter what type of accident you experienced, a Kennesaw catastrophic injury lawyer could work diligently on your behalf to obtain the restitution you deserve.

What is a “Catastrophic” Injury?

While the term “catastrophic injury” is often used in personal injury litigation, it has no specific definition under Georgia state law. Generally, courts and legal professionals take “catastrophic” to mean an injury that is debilitating and will last for the remainder of the injured person’s life. Common types of catastrophic injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain damage
  • Spinal cord trauma or nerve damage resulting in paralysis
  • High-degree burns
  • Crushing injuries
  • Limb amputation
  • Internal organ trauma

Filing Suit for a Disabling Injury

Because these injuries are not legally distinct from other types of personal injuries, the basic procedures for filing suit are the same as any other civil litigation. If a victim and their attorney can prove someone else owed the victim a duty of care, and that person caused a catastrophic injury by recklessly or carelessly violating this duty, the negligent party may be held financially liable.

That said, claims over severe accidents tend to be particularly complicated because of the long-lasting and comprehensive nature of the injuries. A seasoned Kennesaw catastrophic accident attorney could evaluate and demand fair restitution for damages like lost earning capacity, long-term physical and psychological pain, lost consortium, and lost quality of life.

State Laws for Catastrophic Accident Claims in Kennesaw

Representation from legal counsel can also be vital in avoiding the various legal pitfalls that may limit a victim’s right to recover compensation. For example, Official Code of Georgia §§51-11-7 and 51-12-33 prohibit any person found equally or primarily to blame for their accident (compared to all defendants combined) from recovering any compensation. A court may reduce a defendant’s damage award if they are found partially at fault for their own injuries.

Additionally, O.C.G.A. §9-3-33 sets a two-year filing deadline from the date of the injury for a victim to bring a claim. Having help from a knowledgeable lawyer in the area can make a huge difference in understanding and overcoming procedural obstacles for catastrophic injury claims.

Contact a Kennesaw Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

Catastrophic injuries can feel impossible to recover from, and victims may be in no position to pursue legal action on their own. However, while civil compensation may not reverse the physical damage you suffered, it could still be essential to preserving your long-term quality of life.

A Kennesaw catastrophic injury lawyer could offer the support and guidance you need throughout every stage of your lawsuit or settlement demand. Call the Gunn Law Group today for a consultation.